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Procamera – Iphone App; Feature, Price & All Details | caripanduan ...The popularity of the high powered green laser pointer is now fully blown. Organizations have embraced it as the ultimate presentation gadget. Using it as a pointer, helps your audience understand your exact target when pointing.

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The 100mw green laser pointer produces a very thin beam that makes this possible. Apart from this, the tool is very light making it portable. You can therefore use this feature to your advantage when holding outdoor presentations.

The way feeds are displayed is too standard and too rigid The way a reader shows the RSS feeds s not very sophisticated: I get to see the title, an excerpt, the first 50 words or so, or the full post, and it is often not even I who decides on that. When people publish full posts via their RSS feeds (as I do), some things tend not to show up, e.g. YouTube video links.

Feeds are dumb Most news websites provide thematic RSS feeds. For instance BBC News has a feed on technology-related articles that I am subscribed to. I now receive all the BBC News Articles On Technology, including many that I am not at all interested in. I cannot refine my feed through the BBC, nor can I benefit from the shared intelligence of the many others who are also subscribed to the same BBC technology feed and have similar interests as I do. We all have to keep on going through the same weeding process and we cannot benefit from each other's weeding. Yes, there are services as Digg, and others, but nothing that allows me to fine-tune my various feed subscriptions. I am stuck with having to read large amounts of material that I am not at all interested in.

I also loose any graphic sense of the originating blog or site, even though that is sometimes relevant. For instance, BBC News (again) has leading features and smaller stories. In RSS this qualitative difference disappears. I cannot see when a blog undergoes a graphic redesign, unless the author writes about it. I don't even know when a feed is no longer working, unless I go through convoluted steps, like opening folders, scrolling a lot, and looking at tiny exclamation points. The graphic style of my feed reader is not customisable. I can make the text bigger or smaller, nothing else. Flexible use is also not supported: I cannot choose to be selectively updated on the comments of one particular blog entry, without having to read all comments on all other blog entries of that feed as well. I cannot sort my feeds or my feed results in some meaningful way. I cannot create hierarchies within my feeds: as I may want to read all posts from some blogs but only some from others.

Firan Technology cuts quarterly loss as a company reported higher sales TORONTO ' Firan Technology Group Corporation (TSX: FTG), a manufacturer of aerospace and defense industry, electronic components, reported on its net loss for the quarter fell to $ 193,000 from $ 596,000. Revenue rose to $ 12,200,000 of nearly $ 10,400,000. more to Brandon Sun DNA Stretching ' A new technique is carried out at CIC Microgune to diseases recognize (Elhuyar Fundazioa) Making DNA sequences through nanochannels thousand times thinner than a human hair to the point that she passed to take the form of tiny spaghetti.

This is an innovative technology such as DNA-known routes, and is one of the lines of research, in the CIC Microgune works, and they already published two scientific Articles and will soon be ' more to.

Wow, clearly a well written tool, it impresses with it's lightning response-times and slick interface. And best of all, I expect its tragic flaw can be fixed rather easily. Like others have said, its painfully difficult to skim the cramped summary text for each article.

Cool A few comments, mostly on the interface rather than usage/performance: 1)Agreed with LiquidCake with the resizeability of the tool. 2)Maybe a revision on the font used. Comic sans looks nicer for a cramped up text, for my preference at least. Just my opinion. Have some other ideas, feature wise. But I guess we'll see how this initial design works a few more weeks. Won't be good if too many feature stuffed in that small column too early, coz it might lose it's original purpose.

And the headlines (which is what 90% of people are going to skim anyway) don't pop. But I expect: 1) If the headline font size were boosted 2 or 3 points, and maybe emboldened, they would be much more readable without taking up much extra space. 2) A simple control were added that allowed you to widen the size of the tool (I happen to have a brand new 24″ monitor, and I was dissapointed I couldn't use my desktop real-estate), that the tool's slightly claustrophobic feeling would vanish. Read more on News Articles On Technology

When I read News Articles On Technology, I expect to hear about breakthroughs, i.e. news, regarding technology. Yet, the technology sections of many online newspapers (New York Times and Reuters, I'm looking at you) are often bloated with stories regarding the business dealings of technology companies.

Instead of articles discussing the new features of, say, Microsoft's Windows 7, we see articles on how Microsoft's stock is doing, or how it is competing financially with Apple.

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